Avoiding a Banana Skin

It doesn’t matter how they glamourise it – and I have to admit to liking the telly-viewing better with the phony crowd noise than without it – you cannot beat going to the match!

I was tearing out what little hair I have for most of the game and couldn’t believe it when, yet again, we somehow snatched another fixture out of the fire at the death.

My opinion, for what it is worth, was that Klopp didn’t get his selection right beforehand. I think it was taking a chance on Hendo’s fitness for a game he knew would be frenetic and I felt he should have gone all out for the jugular with his best attacking options. Minamino and Fabinho would surely have offered more balance in that respect.

In so far as it’s possible to make judgements on the television, I thought the arrival of Curtis Jones was the ultimate game changer. He seemed to be forever on the ball when he came on and he surely is the ultimate gem!

But hey, we won, Leeds lost and we have the 3pts! A very tricky opener is behind us and our sluggish defenders will surely be put through their paces at Melwood before the next game at Chelsea. They certainly need to be!

On a different note, goodness knows when any of us will be able to attend a match. However, when it happens, how are they going to allocate seats with the news that season tickets are suspended? Will long-standing holders have any rights?

One of your number, Paul, suggested they might allocate according to ‘bubble’ groups. Heaven forbid. The implications for (so called vulnerable) singletons like me would be stark.

Finally, I’m now fully recovered from my brain operation (as well as, for good measure, an eye op for Glaucoma). It’s a salutary thought on reflection, as to how close I must have been to the maker, but at the time I certainly wasn’t in a state to make such observations!

I thought I’d been out for mere minutes when in fact it was several hours!

See you soon.