Almost there – Liverpool – Palace 4-0 A Review

If, like me, you are old enough to recall the Andy Williams’ hit single of the same title as above from the 1960s about a young married couple driving serenely towards honeymoon bliss, you will quickly recognise that any parody with that and last night’s mauling of the opposition in the Anfield Coliseum is far-fetched in the extreme.

The Crooner’s velvet voice is as remote as it is possible from the guterral sounds of a pretend full house at Anfield. Those of you who are regulars will have been well able to imagine the noise as Trent’s sublime free-kick rippled Wayne Hennessy’s net. What a pity there wasn’t a crowd for real!

In normal circumstances there would have been tension ahead of last night’s game and that invariably raises the temperature of the occasion.

Hodgson was as predictable as ever with his team as sterlile as they always are. Was he really once our Manager?

But it didn’t matter. Palace were brushed aside with five Liverpool substitutions not making a modicum of difference to the one-way surge of traffic.

IT staggers me how well and how often the Reds can find colleagues at pitch level with so many bodies cluttering the arena.

I’m not looking for favours from Chelsea. It never works that way for Liverpool who usually have to go to the wire by themselves. Villa in two weeks has been my forecast finale for some time. Still the same prediction!

Neither do I want a guard of honour from City next week. How patronising that is!

No huge gathering at the stadium either. The wide open spaces of Sefton Park, here we come!