When can we celebrate?

I don’t ordinarily comment on games I’ve not been to, but last Saturday at Norwich afforded so many quirks.

In the first instance, for the whole of the week ahead, it was clear a near hurricane in the shape of Storm Dennis the Menace was going to hit eastern England on Saturday afternoon.

With that in mind, there was apprehension that top versus bottom might be a superfluous situation. The conditions could be a great leveller. And so it proved.

According to a pal who went (brave man!), it was a moot point as to whether the game should have even gone ahead. Imagine if a freak result might have ruined all the potential records. Thankfully Mane’s superlative finish saw to it that one didn’t!

The other aspect of all this is that as each match goes by and the Reds get even closer to the holy grail, I find an almost inevitable complacency bedding in. Crazy! Even with only 15 minutes left, I was convinced we’d score simply because we always do.

When you think about it, that’s the daftest logic there could ever be. But score we did and the prophecy was fulfilled.

I keep asking myself at which point should I genuinely celebrate. Should it be when the mathematics deem it a certainty; or at the nearest home game; or wait until season’s end. Unfortunately the final home game is away at Newcastle.

There are several potential moments which might possibly be earmarked: City away; Goodison; or what about those perennial party-poopers Crystal Palace at Anfield on March 21st sandwiched between the two? Nothing would delight Hodgson more than to do a job on the opponent he hates more than any other.

You know what, I don’t want to win at the Etihad or in front of thousands of hateful blue-noses. I want the magical moment to be at Anfield. Imagine the last half hour of a home match with an unassailable lead. The place would be bedlam with the poor players having to somehow keep on kicking the ball! We could even have Atkinson as the ref and call him some names (for a change)!

The mind boggles but it would be absolute magic, wouldn’t it!