Gloating at Everton all too easy

I’d paid for my ticket but after struggling on Thursday for the Sheffield match, this game was simply beyond my physical resilience. Influenza can be an absolute pillock, can’t it?

Missing out on one of the greatest victories I can recall will live with me for many a long day, but this really was something else. It was, after all, Liverpool Reserves in all but name while being held together by Adam Lallana and Joe Gomez. James Milner played a part for only 9 minutes!

That said, these kids were truly magnificent and not given their full dues in the media probably for fear of offending the blue half of the readership. Truth was however, they were so good they didn’t need to be held together; they did it so well by themselves.

As for Curtis Jones, I don’t want him sent out on loan; he’s far too good for that, especially with all our injuries.

Knopp, with his selection, played an absolute blinder. He knew the ability of his players and placed an indeterminate amount of pressure on what was, in effect Everton’s strongest XI. Was it conceivable beforehand theBlue could really lose to these Red adolescents. I mean, Elliott is only sixteen!

Liverpool could emerge with credit even in a defeat and be called out for tough luck. But Everton’s record at Anfield is so appalling that to lose in these circumstances would be the epitome of disaster. A proper, unmitigated catastrophe. Mmm!

Over 8,500 Blue Noses clustered together in the Stand as a feisty force of nature, this time convinced that their time had finally come; twenty five years of hurt all set to be obliterated. The fact the opposition were nearly all teeny-boppers would count for nothing. Just wait for the celebrations when Everton scored. Mmm again!

I’d have loved to have a close up of their faces when Curtis Jones contrived his worldie in front of them on 70 minutes. It doesn’t bear thinking about. Could they really be set to lose yet again?

It’s tempting to get sucked into gloating at Everton’s appalling performance. Certainly fans would have been entitled to see some kind of retaliation at going a goal behind. It never came.

Since his arrival Ancelotti has apparently been trying to get those in blue to play a tad more methodically, but that being the case he hasn’t done his history homework.

Over the years, the only style blue bloods have wanted is a non-stop barrage of ‘dogs of war’ `a la Duncan Ferguson. Anyone like Martinez or Silva, for example, who tried to modernise the style of play was in for a deluge of criticism.

Good luck Carlo!

In the event, the final whistle was to be just one more nail in the coffin of hatred that the Gwladys Street hordes have now mustered against the Reds over the years.

When the beep did come however, most of them had left!