Norwich Require Respect

So here we are, not even half way through August with the 2nd Test against the Aussies yet to start and the footy season is set to start this Friday.
It’s an interesting starter for the Reds since Norwich were easily the most skilful of the promoted sides from the Championship. Their style of football was slick and impressive and, for sure, Liverpool will not be able to afford another of those early game slip ups which have been a feature of the pre-season.
Quite why is something of a mystery because nearly all of them have been the result of mistakes borne out of casual play and lack of concentration. When you consider how few goals the defence let in last season, it didn’t seem to make sense, but hopefully they’ll have got the errors out of their system.
It’s taken several games to get into stride, but the last two games against Lyon and Man City have revealed something of the form we’ve come to expect from Klopp’s men.
Should the manager have gone out and bought?
My own view is to trust Klopp completely. It’s all well and good two galacticos appearing in the Melwood camp but with such a fantastic team spirit, why would anyone want to rock boats. And besides, which top stars would want to come along and sit on the bench.
And lest we forget, Liverpool are the Champions of Europe having beaten the top sides of Spain, Portugal and Germany along the road to Madrid. These were not ragbag outfits.
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Hope to see some of you on Friday.