Running Teams into the Ground

Last week I posed the question as to where you were on the night of the 5-all with Arsenal.

As if that occasion wasn’t momentous enough, surely the Reds’ ability to snatch a result from the jaws of defeat at Villa Park was yet another ultra-memorable moment.

As a rare 3pm kick-off, it was not a live-TV game so the only way to follow the scoreline was by radio or computer. I was following the scoreline on a betting website, as this means was the one which was always the first to provide an update. (On average the BBC can take two minutes)

Ten-t0-five had come and gone and indeed, several games had already finished as Villa still led by the only goal. Surely there was no way another miracle was about to happen. Despondency prevailed.

Then the website zero suddenly changed to a one to say the Reds had gone and done it again. How long was left? The digits were showing 90+2 when I flipped over to the BBC footy-scroll to find out who had scored.

It took me several seconds to recover from the shock of seeing Andy Robertson’s name and furthermore to find he’d scored with a header.

The Villa park fixture was now the only one still going and any second I expected to see the ‘full time’ sign come up. Instead, the infamous blue box appeared to say that Sadio Mane had grabbed a second goal.


How many times can we keep on scoring in the final moments? And what does it tell us about Klopp’s side?

For me, it’s all about the relentless nature of the side’s game which, when circumstances require, seems to increase with every minute of the match. As teams begin to tire, Klopp’s ‘Mentality Monsters’ come on stronger and stronger. Later I watched the LFC TV video of the Villa game and the final 20 minutes were an absolute onslaught on the home side’s goal.

The media have tried to suggest a Villa failing of concentration, but it was more than that. The home side were running on empty and their legs had gone. It really is worth taking a look at that final period and you’ll see what I mean. Liverpool had run Villa into the ground.

They won’t be the last either.