Ninety + Four Feels Good!

It was possibly the Reds first really serious test of the season, even allowing for Chelsea, Arsenal and despite the parked bus that was Newcastle.

Brendan Rodgers’ team was in a rich vein of form, not only in terms of results, but more importantly, in the nature of their play.

And so it proved. For all Liverpool’s territorial superiority during the first half hour in particular, a series of half-chances was the best they could muster against very steadfast and dogged opponents. Furthermore, behind them was a very self-confident keeper who hardly looked like he was about to be beaten.

Mane’s opening goal on 40 minutes from Milner’s brilliant curling through ball, brought incredible roars of relief, but all of us knew that a second goal was essential to provide real daylight.

Schmeichel however, continued to defy the Reds and, though only spasmodically did Leicester really threaten Adrian’s goal, there was a definite sense that an equaliser was on the cards. One error; one bit of good play, was all it needed and that’s how it panned out.

As usual there were those who wanted to point fingers, but in truth, it was a nicely worked goal. Maddison finished well, but his protracted and somewhat barbed celebrations certainly served to antagonise many of the Anfield faithful.

The scorer has been acclaimed a lot lately, even touted as a future Liverpool signing, though, the goal apart, I can’t say I particularly noticed him making that much of an impact on this game.

If anything, the noise increased for the ensuing last ten minutes as much due to Maddison’s exaggerated celebrations as a pretty appalling lunge by Choudhury on Mo Salah. The temperature was undoubtedly higher, but for all that, the Reds didn’t get any closer to Schmeichel’s goal.

For that reason, the penalty, deep into injury time, came somewhat out of the blue. Because it was so late, there was a controversy which ordinarily would likely not have come about. Ask anyone who’s played the game and they’ll tell you that a foul is indisputable when a player’s standing foot is disturbed.

In this instance, with Schmeichel out of his goal, Mane was about to make a simple pass to the unmarked Bobby with the goal gaping. It was then Albrighton panicked and trod on his heel; a forward’s tackle as they say.

Penalty. No debate. So why the controversy?

The two idiots on MOTD began regurgitating the ridiculous notion that contact was insufficient to warrant Sadio going down. A foul’s a foul, for God’s sake. Another week, the same pundits could be heard criticising a player for failing to get a penalty because he hadn’t gone down! We all know what Shearer would have done!

In this instance, the foul prevented a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

Anyway, the calmest person in the whole of Anfield was James Milner who duly scored and in so doing initiated a whole load of kick-backs and resentment from the players in blue.

Schmeichel barged Lallana in a fashion for which a certain Argentine got sent off in Japan – and that was at rugby! Perez meanwhile seemed to want to fight the whole Liverpool team!

There’s an old saying about football results, namely that we won and they lost! Suddenly, Maddison’s earlier triumphalism seemed but a distant memory.