Huddersfield to the slaughter

A proper scrutiny rather than a casual glance told a story which, despite an appalling points record, revealed Huddersfield were not a side which regularly suffered heavy defeats.
With that in my mind, I was not anticipating a landslide victory for the Reds. That said, who could have predicted a goal inside 15 seconds, one of the fastest ever in the Premier League. It was as if the game was over inside the first minute.
To be fair, the visitors were very spirited for the first 20 minutes, but Mane’s fine header pretty much put paid to that.
It was a deceptively cold night and with a couple of minutes to the interval, I was not alone in finding an extra pre-match ice-cold drink running through me, so seeing a few gaps on my left, I followed the race to the Gents.
My bad. Only after I’d relieved myself did I realise that Mo Salah had added a third goal and I’d missed it. C’est la vie!
The early goal by Naby Keita was evidence of a transformation in recent weeks of the Guinean. The player’s engine cannot be faulted, though there are times when he  seems to be over-enthusiastic in chasing the ball.
That said, I think next season will see the player much finessed with this year behind him. He appears to be yet another Klopp signing who needs time to become fine-tuned in the ways of the German.
Every one of the Liverpool goals were first class, yet a look at the table shows we lag behind City in our numbers scored. Since we’ve conceded so few, it seems almost to beggar belief that our goal difference is inferior too.
The football played is a joy to watch and I reckon nobody can justifiably feel short changed in terms of a wonderful season of entertainment. Ironic of course that City should get the crucial lead goal at Burnley by virtue of 3 cms of technology. Back at the Etihad earlier in the season, the difference in not allowing a Liverpool goal was even less. Still no quibbling about the reality of both situations.
For a while now, I’ve not believed that City would let slip their game in hand and it certainly looks increasingly the case with so few to play. Neither will I carp at City if, as seems likely, they return the trophy.  Their football, just like Liverpool, has been a joy to watch. The only grumble is that Reds manage to gain so many points but finish runners-up!
It’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings, but it’s hard to see Leicester or Brighton being good enough to cause an upset. No ‘if onlys’ . The table doesn’t lie at season’s end and that’s an adage I’m certainly prepared to adhere to.
Mike Hopper

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