Mo Salah Warms the Heart

Having being badly laid low with flu for the past three weeks, Saturday's Siberian weather was hardly an ideal return. In the event the performance was heart-warming.

You can read everywhere about the goals and Mo Salah's crazy day, but the bit that's not emerging in the media is how truly cold it was.
Quite how the Liverpool players played like they did was something of a miracle - and let’s not forget similar conditions for West Ham and Newcastle.

But a bizarre moment as Liverpool scored the second. Everybody stood to celebrate, but as it was only a couple of minutes before then interval, few seemed ready to sit down again and there was the most crazy mass exodus to the warmth of the refreshment concourse.

The other memorable aspect of the afternoon was the singing of the new 'Allez, Allez, Allez' song which repeatedly reached a crescendo of noise from all areas of the ground. Then afterwards in the concourses and in the surrounding streets.

For some inexplicable reason there was something especially memorable about scoring five against mundane opposition on the most bleak of early evenings.

A word on Watford. It was so cold, I'd swear they didn't want to play. To go a goal down inside 3 minutes only exacerbated the situation. You could almost feel them begging for a nice warm fireside and a glass of brandy or similar.

It speaks volumes for Liverpool's incredibly positive frame of mind.

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