Only a win would do!

From the various vantage points of most people, it was not possible to figure what was going on when Everton’s Holgate deliberately despatched Bobby Firmino into the main stand seats with a two handed push in the back.

Hands raised, violent conduct; red card.

Quite why that never materialised may be because the referee was wise enough to realise that if he gave out a yellow card, that would have to stand. Clever refereeing? Perhaps. It certainly now means the whole incident, warts and all, can be determined by the FA Prefects.

Still, forgive me for being sceptical, perhaps even cynical, but are we about to foresee another Suarezgate? How many weeks off for Bobby?

Why do I expect Holgate to get off scot-free, despite the fact that it was his aggression which started the whole sequence of events which could so easily have led to serious injury amongst members of the crowd. Perhaps a few of them in that proximity should be called upon to give evidence.

What really bugs me is that the deserved victory we should all be celebrating shows every sign of being hi-jacked. I fear this could be yet another instance of something being blown out of all proportion by the sensation-seeking members of the media. Can’t wait for Holgate to emerge whiter than white!

As for the game itself, I just hope Friday doesn’t come to count as a yardstick for a team without Coutinho. It might not be the case, since a derby is always a one-off frenzied affair and in this instance,
Allardyce had set up his team to be ultra destructive, with Rooney’s early x-rated tackle on Gomez setting the pattern. Everton crowded every Liverpool move, working together in hordes with sharp, often savage, tackling, but never once seeking to be constructive.

Which made the break-out for the equaliser all the more galling.

I maintained at half-time, that the visitors had worked so very hard, they were sure to tire and indeed, that was the case in the second half. The Reds were just taking control which made the breakout for the equaliser so frustrating. It replenished Allardyce’s side with a
full flow of adrenalin and, ironically, they were having their best spell just before Virgil scored the winner. Yes, indeed a very strange match.

While not one Red could be labeled inadequate, van Dyke and Robertson
were definite stand-outs. The latter is certainly emerging as a first class full back, while the former’s leadership qualities were there for all to see.

It was never a game that would be remembered for its silky football, but Reds’ fans will only want to concern themselves with the single issue of victory.

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