Putting Everything In Context

There’s an excellent quote this weekend from Neil Atkinson of the ‘Anfield Wrap’: “When in doubt, just win and the context will look after itself.”

I’d have to say that’s absolutely spot on with regards the Reds right now. At 5pm yesterday, the world seemed an infinitely better place after the Tottenham debacle had left us all at first contemplating suicide, but after bottling that way out, with a full week to attempt some kind of rehabilitation.

No question it’s been the most topsy-turvy of months. For all the moral high ground we were all claiming after the annual Battle of Anfield, nevertheless, Mourinho left the ground with the same single point as us.

Then, seven goals in Slovenia may or may not have reflected relative abilities, but I just hope supporters don’t go into the return fixture this week anticipating much of the same. If Maribor decide to park the bus for the sake of their self-esteem, confronting eleven bodies in the box is not what Liverpool regard as a favourite occupation.

On Saturday, I was taken by the strength of feeling amongst fans at Anfield -all venting the same anger towards professional pundits, stay-at home pen-pushers and casual tweeters alike who voiced against our club and manager.

Post match, as I walked down Arkles Lane, one woman with her husband was forthright in her language.

“Who are these fireside fans who pay fuck-all to watch the team, but think they can make judgments based on listening to the radio?” Actually there was more than just the single expletive, but I did concur entirely.

Similar sentiments were all over the place. There was not an iota of agreement with the undertone of criticism which had been in the media all week. Klopp is our manager and he’s one of us. We’re with him all the way and trust him totally!

That’s not to say that we weren’t frustrated by an underwhelming first half in which Huddersfield were exceptionally well-organised. However, it emerged that it was an agreed tactic by Klopp not to go hell-for-leather at them in the first half and, to that extent, it was self-evident that Moreno and Gomez had been instructed to play conservatively.

Ultimately, the Reds wore Huddersfield down - simple as that. And once the first goal arrived, it was plain sailing thereafter. Job done and for sure, the context of the win looked after itself.

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