Michelle has kindly offered to put on all the Liverpool games so we welcome our supporters from every nationality on the Costa Blanca to come and join us 
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Free BT Sport
Jan 18, 2017 19

Watch BT Sport free for 6 months!

BT Sport FREE for 6 months Don't miss Liverpool FC in the Premier League and Emirates FA Cup on BT Sport, starting on Saturday against Swansea in the Premier League, followed by a… read more...
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Jan 10, 2017 38

A Block of Flats

Frustrating; annoying; disappointing. Choose whichever word you want or even come up with one of your own to describe Liverpool's day at the races on Sunday. Not only were we not… read more...
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Jan 03, 2017 72

Shredded Nerve-ends

My daughter, home for the Christmas week, was lucky enough to get tickets for both Stoke and City. Living in London, she watches football occasionally at the Emirates, so her… read more...
Hamann Garcia Riise and Dudek
Jan 03, 2017 68

Meet Istanbul heroes Hamann, Garcia, Riise and Dudek. Fancy it? Register for interest

Meet FOUR of the team that played in the Ataturk on May 25th 2005 as Liverpool “won it five times” in Istanbul! Belfast May 2017 Fancy it? This is a very rare chance to meet four… read more...
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Dec 31, 2016 75

Onwards and Upwards with no Plodders

Do you remember that day back in August, the first game of the season at the Emirates with the usual accompanying and tentative optimism about making the holy grail of the top 4?… read more...
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Dec 30, 2016 65

The Only Way to Beat Bullies

In my days, many moons ago, of taking the school under-16 team, I recall telling them that the only way to beat the bullies was to make sure you won the game. Nothing has changed… read more...
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Dec 21, 2016 140

Dreamland at Goodison

I always have a dream which goes something like beating the most hated of enemies with a goal in the very last minute of a game when the opposition has no time to regroup and… read more...

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